As Cabin Crew, do you know what your main responsibility is?

Safety, Safety, Safety!

We all know that cabin crew are in many ways the face of the airline. They take care of passengers, tend to their needs, comfort and their safety during the flight. However, their primary purpose for being on board is to ensure the health, safety and security of all passengers, crew and the aircraft.

Crew members spend many weeks undergoing rigorous training and learning about their specific airlines policies and procedures for dealing with emergency situations. In fact, over 80% of initial crew training is dedicated to learning about safety and security, which is really reassuring for us as passengers!

Here is a list of the type of safety and security training the cabin crew on your next flight will have undergone, or indeed, the training you yourself will undergo as a newly recruited member of the cabin crew community.

Perhaps a more appropriate welcome aboard PA on your next flight should sound something like this… “Ladies and gentleman welcome aboard. Despite the glamorous appearance of your cabin crew today, there is far more to their immaculate looks than initially meets the eye. So please sit back, relax and be assured that your crew on board today’s flight are all extensively trained in:”

  • How to carry out extensive pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight security checks of the whole aircraft
  • How to deal with restricted goods and dangerous goods carried on board
  • How to fight a fire at 35000ft
  • How to deal with the threat of terrorism & sabotage
  • How to deal with the hijacking of an aircraft
  • How to deal with a bomb threat
  • How to deal with an actual bomb on board an aircraft
  • How to deal with just about any medical situation; from a bruised knee to the birth of a baby
  • How to deal with an emergency landing on the ground
  • How to deal with an emergency landing on water
  • How to survive at sea, in arctic conditions, in the desert and in the jungle
  • How to deal with a rapid and/or a slow decompression on board.
  • How to deal with severe turbulence, with engine failure & with a lightning strike to the aircraft
  • How to deal with a smoke filled cabin
  • And sadly, far more frequently than they would care to deal with these days, how to deal with disruptive and aggressive passengers, including the art of how to protect themselves from attack and how to handcuff disruptive passengers.

And that’s all just in a day’s work!

Of course being health, safety and security savvy doesn’t end on board the aircraft. Crew that night stop and stay in capital cities worldwide, are also made aware of the hazards and dangers posed en-route such as; pick-pockets, food sickness, malaria, political unrest etc. The list goes on but for anyone thinking about becoming cabin crew, please don’t be put off. The risks are the same as many of the risks you already face on a daily basis in the jobs that you do now. Having a cabin crew career is phenomenal.

I truly believe that the biggest risk of all would be to miss out on the opportunity of going for this amazing job. I’m sure you will love the role and excel in helping to keep us all safe in the friendly skies.

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Michele is current serving long haul cabin crew & also an associate travel & tourism lecturer at Exeter College. Having worked within the aviation industry for over 30 years, both in the UK and the Middle East, she has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to share with us here at Cabin Crew Wings.

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