What’s the best age to become Cabin Crew?

What’s the best age to become Cabin Crew? It’s a question we get asked a lot.

Maybe you’re a teenager and wondering how old you need to be to work for certain airlines. Or are you a bit older and fancy a career change but worrying that your age will be a problem?

What’s the minimum age to become Cabin Crew?

This usually depends on which country you’re applying to become Cabin Crew in.

In the majority of European and Pacific countries, the minimum age is 18.

For airlines based in the Middle East (Etihad, Qatar, Emirates) or the USA, the minimum age requirement is 21. This is because in these locations, the legal drinking age is 21 – and it’s also how old you have to be to legally be allowed to serve alcohol.

Certain airlines will accept applications from people aged 20 (American, JetBlue and Southwest). This is providing that applicants will turn 21 before actually starting in their Cabin Crew role.

Am I Too Old to be Cabin Crew?

This is a question we get asked very regularly. And it’s no surprise why.

People in later life find a Cabin Crew career an appealing prospect. It’s a big change in lifestyle and can offer a bit of adventure after many years spent doing what might be considered a more ‘normal’ job.

There’s good news. In lots of countries e.g. the UK, Canada, Australia and USA, there is no upper age limit to becoming Cabin Crew. Age discrimination in these countries is actually illegal, and legislation is in place to make sure it doesn’t occur.

Young vs. Old

So is it best to become Cabin Crew immediately after leaving school? Or is it beneficial to come to a Cabin Crew career in later life? We weigh up the pros and cons.

  • Younger Cabin Crew are less likely to have children so won’t have to juggle work with family commitments. A Cabin Crew schedule can be a tricky one to balance, particularly with childcare arrangements and frequent periods away from home.
  • Older Cabin Crew applicants are more mature and will have had the opportunity to gain much more life experience, which can be a massive advantage in the application process and in the Cabin Crew role itself.
  • Younger Cabin Crew may find it easier to keep up with the physical demands of Cabin Crew duties
  • Older Cabin Crew are more likely to have relevant work history and customer service experience
  • Younger candidates may be more likely to better manage the effects of jetlag and disrupted routines
  • Older Cabin Crew may have more maturity and coping skills for dealing with long-distance relationships, difficult people situations etc.
  • Younger Cabin Crew might be assumed to represent the ‘face’ of the airline – this is particularly noticeable in Middle Eastern airlines where recruiters are more likely to hire younger applicants. As mentioned above, choosing who to hire based on age isn’t legally allowed in most countries. High grooming standards are expected whatever your age

How Old Were You When You Became Cabin Crew?

How old were you when you landed your first Cabin Crew job? Do you think it was the right age or do you ever wonder how things could have been different? Get in touch and let us know.

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