Will my scars or birthmarks stop me being Cabin Crew?

What rules do airlines have for Cabin Crew with scars or birthmarks?

Scars and birthmarks are an issue that lots of aspiring Cabin Crew worry about. Will your scars or birthmarks stop you being Cabin Crew? We all know the importance of personal grooming; but if you want a career in the skies, just how ‘uniform’ does your appearance have to be?

Most airlines have strict regulations about physical appearance – from height and weight to facial hair and tattoos, there are usually rules stating what is and isn’t allowed. But what about things you can’t change?

It’s really important to bear in mind that although certain airlines do still take superficial appearances into account during selection, this is an attitude that is increasingly outdated. Society is rapidly becoming more accepting of differences. We’re hopeful that Cabin Crew selection will soon be based purely on ability and character rather than, arguably, characteristics that are less relevant to how well you can do your job.

How visible are they?

Having scars and birthmarks can be a concern for people who worry it will prevent them from becoming Cabin Crew. The good news is that they shouldn’t stop you from landing a Cabin Crew job – but there are conditions.

Any marks or blemishes which are covered by a uniform are totally fine. This means that the face, neck, arms and wrists should ideally be clear of scars or birthmarks – even if you would usually wear a watch that covers them.

This also applies to female Cabin Crew who are expected to wear skirts and high-heeled court shoes – remember that your legs and feet will be visible.

What if I can cover them in other ways?

The good news is that most airlines won’t have an issue with scars or birthmarks if you are able to use use makeup, tights or permitted hairstyles to disguise them.

Remember that male Cabin Crew are not allowed to wear makeup.

However, other airlines – particularly Middle Eastern ones like Qatar and Emirates – will ask you to declare any scars or birthmarks, even if they are likely to be hidden by uniform.

Occasionally, airlines will re-design their uniform to incorporate lighter materials or shorter sleeves, which is why they believe it’s important to know about any marks.


You might be asked to submit photos of yourself with and without makeup to demonstrate how effectively any scars can be concealed. Again, this is usually only a requirement of airlines in the Middle East.

Medical checks

Scars and birthmarks, as well as tattoos, will be noted during your medical check. Cabin Crew medical checks are thorough in order to ensure that you’re fit for the job. It’s definitely worth being as honest as possible before you get to this stage, and candid with your photos.

It can be subjective

It’s important to remember that all airlines differ, and recruiters can be subjective. While some airlines do have stricter grooming regulations, popular European airlines are often more lenient.

Ryanair and Wizzair both state that even if scars or birthmarks are visible, as long as they’re discreet or can be concealed, this won’t prevent you from landing a Cabin Crew job.

Looks won’t get you everywhere

If you are still worried about your appearance, ointments or laser treatment can diminish any scars or marks and help to boost your confidence. However, this should absolutely be an individual choice – you must never feel pressured to change your appearance unless it’s of personal importance to you.

But remember, physical appearance can only take you so far. A Cabin Crew career requires you to demonstrate dedication, friendliness and a brilliant attitude. For more advice and top tips to get your dreams soaring, take a peek at our online course which covers everything you need to know about smashing the Cabin Crew recruitment process.
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