Winning at eLearning!

You’ve enrolled on the course, and downloaded all the study guides – but how do you make sure you’re winning at eLearning?!

Online learning is an incredible thing, and using it wisely can really help further your Cabin Crew dreams! From Cabin Crew Courses to Pre-employment training it’s all going online.

You have a whole world of information and learning at your fingertips, from eBooks to quizzes to courses!

The best thing is, you can study from anywhere (very convenient for crew!) and you can study at your own pace.

Don’t forget though,  it’s a flexible option, not an easy ride! If you want to be successful and ensure you’re winning at eLearning you need to work on your time management, discipline, willpower, and motivation!

Our top tips for winning at eLearning!

Commit to your online learning!

To get the best from your course you need to be willing to:

  • Participate in the ‘virtual classroom’ (if applicable) and any online course groups and forums.
  • Complete your tasks and any ‘homework’ on time – remember leaving gaps between study can lead to forgetting.
  • Be self-disciplined, and schedule your time.

Find yourself a dedicated Study Area!

Whether you decide to study in your kitchen, your bedroom or in your living room, make sure that this place is quiet and distraction-free, and available for use at any time you need it. Ask people you live with to respect your ‘work mode’ and consider turning off your phone and logging off of all social networks when studying – trust us a quick check of a Facebook notification can lead down a rabbit hole!

Check your internet, and remember to save!

Save your work frequently and backup! This could either be on a hard drive, USB or on cloud storage (iCloud or Google Drive are great options!). Have an eBook as part of the course? Save a copy to your device – sometimes you’ll only be able to download it a set number of times.

Set goals.

To stay on track, make sure that you always keep your goals in mind, and what you hope to accomplish!  You purchased the course it for a reason – whether  to learn something new or further your career dreams!

Build a study plan.

A study plan is key to winning at eLearning:

  • Plan ahead – set mini-goals for completing tasks.
  • Use a calendar system that works for you.
  • Create to-do lists – it’s SO satisfying ticking them off!
  • Set time limits on your study so you don’t sicken youself.
  • Stay on your schedule!

Ask for help.

Don’t be scared to ask for help in any groups and forums related to the course. If you don’t ask for help when necessary, you may end up feeling stressed and losing momentum! By asking a question online you can also help your virtual classmates –  they might be struggling with the same thing!

Review your work and revise it!

This will not only improve your memory, but twill also help you understand the course content. Take notes as you go along, either type into document or use the old fashioned pen and paper method! Some people find the act of actually writing things down helps them remember information better.

Take breaks.

Your motivation will stall, and your productivity disappear if you’re feeling tired or fed-up while studying. Take a break away from your study space. A physical activity, such as a quick walk can help renew you energy, and let you get back to studying with a clear head and renewed determination.

Get involved in online discussions.

Connecting with your virtual classmates on private course groups or your online course’s forum will really help your eLearning experience. Join in any group activities and discussions, suggest study tricks, or just share your thoughts! It can really help spark your enthusiasm.

Stay motivated!

Try the following:

  • Put up a motivational picture or quote in your study space to remind you of your goals and why you’re taking the course!
  • When you complete a block or a task you’re finding difficult reward yourself (whether this is a cup of tea and some chocolate or an episode of your favourite series on Netflix – whatever you like!)
  • Have healthy snacks (like fruit and nuts) to hand to boost your energy when you need it.
  • Feeling frustrated? Walk away. Take five minutes, have a cuppa, stretch. Don’t try to work when you’re feeling like this – it’s counter-productive!
You have to accept that you will have good and bad days at studying, and you have to make sure that you take some time for yourself. If you try to work through the course at an unreasonable rate you’ll just end up losing heart!

That being said don’t leave too big a gap between modules (like days or weeks) in case you end up having to repeat modules because you’ve forgotten things – this is a huge waste of time and really frustrating!

Ready to start winning at eLearning? We hope these tips will make your learning a little more fun and enjoyable!

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