Ready to be Cabin Crew?

Our *ALL NEW Cabin Crew Course* is a fantastic taster into what it is like to be cabin crew and how to get YOUR dream job!

Held on board a decommissioned Boeing 737, this ground-breaking course includes behind-the-scenes insights, practical tools and time-saving short cuts on everything you need to know about the industry, the role and most importantly, passing the challenging selection process.

  • To get a cabin crew job you will face some tough competition. The travel, lifestyle, salary and perks make it one of the most popular jobs whether you are a school leaver, a return to work parent, or looking for a career change. It’s not just a job, it’s the chance to have a completely different lifestyle.
  • Airlines can choose the very best, so you need to make sure you stand out above the rest. We help you do this on our two day course, where we prepare you for the role and the selection process with our friendly, informal and experienced guidance.
  • Attending our training course will show a range of airlines that you are ready and motivated to take up the challenge of a cabin crew position. You will be able to show your advanced knowledge when asked about the job and the industry, and your suitability through how you perform in the practical exercises.

Join us for our All New 2 day training course at our Aviation Training Centre.

Where our course is different is that we cover everything you WANT to know about being cabin crew PLUS everything you NEED to know to be offered a job. The 2 things can be different sometimes, but we are delighted to be able to do both! Hannah, Psychologist trainer and company co-founder

Course Day 1 – Experience Life as Cabin Crew

The first day is jam-packed and lots of fun! It’s a great way to gain awareness of the role and experience of both challenging and everyday scenarios. This will impress your interviewers and demonstrate your commitment and aptitude for a career as cabin crew.

We get you off the ground by meeting our certified and experienced cabin crew trainers (who have all worked or are still currently working as crew for a range of airlines).

You will experience:

  • An introduction into airline life and the specific knowledge you will need about the industry and aircraft.
  • Experience cabin door training, learning about drills and protocols for standard and emergency use.
  • Practice of removing the over-wing exit (door).
  • Jumping down an Emergency Evacuation Slide via an aircraft door as part of a rapid evacuation procedure.
  • An evacuation in a smoke filled cabin, initiating a timed “infant” find within a low visibility environment.
  • Putting out a realistic galley fire, learning about the drills and procedures.
  • Making passenger announcements (routine and emergency) using the PA system and giving a safety demo in a small group
  • Delivering an In-flight snack lunch service on-board the B737.
  • Learning about service routines and the importance of customer service.
  • Exploring real life scenarios with our experienced crew trainers, from planned to unplanned emergencies to difficult passengers and pilot incapacitation.
  • Learning what it’s really like behind the scenes with different airlines, and how to decide which routes and aircraft might be best for you.
  • The opportunity to get candid answers on lifestyle and travel, and how to get the most out of this unique career.
cabin crew wings course

Evening Activity

Spend the evening with your classmates in lively and cosmopolitan Bournemouth town centre. We will provide maps and recommendations to make sure you have a fun night out (as long as you’re not out too late!) Don’t worry, you will have a chance to get to know the class before the course as we’ll introduce you all in a private Facebook group, and we offer a discount to the same hotel to all participants.

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Course Day 2 – Passing your Airline Assessment

You will learn how to pass the airline selection days with flying colours. Designed by a selection expert, this session will help you understand the ‘behind the scenes’ of selection tests and how to get the most out of your interview performance. (A lot of the information will be really useful for ANY job you want to apply for, things you simply won’t know unless you come on the course.)

The day will include plenty of practical exercises and quizzes so you will learn without you even knowing it! Plus you will really improve your skills and feel more confident about your airline assessment.

We will cover:
  • What the airlines are really looking for on their assessment day (it might not be what you think!)
  • Brands and behaviour- and what these mean to your job application
  • The do’s and don’ts of your CV – and how to avoid the most common 7 mistakes (bring in your CV so you can check yours as we go through the session!)
  • Latest interviewing methods, how you need to prepare your answers (and practice in small groups)
  • Practice sessions on a range of customer service and passenger scenarios
  • A mock selection day with group exercises, roleplays and presentations- have a go at these in a supportive environment so you are totally prepared for the real thing
  • Psychometric tests- what they are, what you need to do and how to get through them
  • Plenty of time to ask questions and have informal discussions in class and small group situations
  • Invaluable, constructive feedback from our training team to help you get the very most out of the day and your performance
  • Find out how to be the first to get all the latest vacancies from a wide range of national and international airlines
  • Personal feedback on how you come across and how you could improve any areas you are less sure on
cabin crew course plane cockpit

Accommodation & Transport

As part of the course, we have secured a great discounted rate with an ideally located Bournemouth hotel plus return transport to the training venue. There is also plenty of free parking if you wish to drive. You will be sent maps and all other details you need with your course information after booking.

Plus Free After Course Support, Including…

Cabin Crew Wings Assessment Day BookOur Assessment Day E-book delivered by email so you can enjoy the course knowing you have all the reminders you need.
Cabin Crew Jobs Email AlertStay up to date with latest recruitment by getting our Cabin Crew Job Board email alerts.
Cabin Crew CV Review ServiceSend in your CV and we will check it over FOR FREE before adding it to our jobs board, where recruiters search for the Cabin Crew applicants they want to invite to interview!
Stay in touch as you go through the nerve-wracking job application process. We’ll be there with friendly support until you land your dream job.
At the completion of the training programme we will award you with a 2 certificates to take with you to your interview.

Our course will support you to gain the knowledge you need about the industry and role AND the skills you need to impress the interview panel.

Join our 2 day Cabin Crew Course for only £101.40
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Book now and get ready to start a whole new life as cabin crew!

25-26th November 2017

– 2 Places Left –

Bournemouth Airport

20th-21st January 2018

Bournemouth Airport


17th-18th February 2018

– 10 Places Left –

Bournemouth Airport

17th-18th March 2018

Bournemouth Airport


21st-22nd April 2018

– 19 Places Left –

Bournemouth Airport

The venue at Bournemouth International Airport is an independent training facility which covers skills and techniques relevant to a range of airlines including Virgin, BA, Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair etc and overseas airlines like Emirates, Eithad, Qatar Airways etc

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money back guaranteeWe offer a full money back guarantee on our 2 day Cabin Crew Course. Simply speak to one of our trainers on the course to let them know you are not satisfied and give us some feedback so we can improve.

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