Corporate Services

Our industry experience and professional expertise means that we are the ideal recruitment partner for your airline.

Our Services

  • Cabin Crew Recruitment –

    Over 4000 potential applicants visited within 3 days of our new Cabin Crew Jobs Board going on-line

  • Application Forms/ CVs

    – We can do your recruitment screening, sifting CVs and identifying candidates for the next stage of your recruitment process

  • Assessment Exercises/ Selection Day Tests

    – Our Occupational Psychology team can create bespoke assessment centre exercises and tests designed around your organisation’s competencies and values

  • Online Screening Tools

    – We can design an online screening tool to sift out unsuitable applicants a simple cost effective way, saving your organisation time and money

  • Interviews

    – We supply interview question and scoring matrix packs and provide advanced interviewer skills training

  • Candidate Recommendations

    – We can recommend suitable candidates for your airline based on our database of preferences and suitability, and our in person assessment of their capabilities at our training course.

Curious about how we can help?

Not entirely satisfied with recruitment agencies and traditional methods you’ve used before? With our direct link to cabin crew applicants we can offer something a little bit different, either completely outsourced or in support of an internal HR or recruitment team.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how we might be able to help you save costs while selecting the best crew available.

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    cabin crew online course
    Online ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ Course
    Bought by Eliana from United Kingdom (UK)
    about 5 days ago
    Cabin Crew Interview Book
    Cabin Crew Interview ebook + 2 Items
    Bought by Soda from South Korea
    about 2 weeks ago
    cabin crew online course
    Online ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ Course
    Bought by Tarah from Malta
    about 3 weeks ago
    Cabin Crew Assessment Day ebook
    Cabin Crew Assessment Day ebook
    Bought by Kerung from Hong Kong
    about 2 months ago
    Cabin Crew Wings Ability Tests Book
    Cabin Crew Assessment Ability Tests ebook
    Bought by Cláudia costa from Portugal
    about 2 months ago