How I Became Cabin Crew During the Pandemic

Becoming Cabin Crew during the pandemic - how one woman recently landed her dream career.

It’s been a tough year for Cabin Crew – but the future is looking bright!

This week we’re speaking to Harmony. She completed her Cabin Crew Wings two-day course last year and soon after landed a job with TUI Airways – then the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

She was finally able to begin her training last week, and we caught up with her to see how it’s going.

What first inspired you to become Cabin Crew?

The travel aspect. I’m so passionate about travel, there are many destinations across the world I’ve always wanted to see. I thought working on board an aircraft in the atmosphere full Becoming Tui Cabin Crew During the Pandemicof excitement of passengers going on holiday would be a true pleasure. I can put myself in their shoes and make it a nice experience for them throughout the flight.

I wanted to start my career working for a company like TUI and then later on progressing to airlines that fly long-haul across the world working in Business and First Class etc. I also love working in hospitality and around people – so doing it at 35,000 feet in an aircraft felt like truly the dream place to work.

I realise that working as Cabin Crew is a big responsibility. Taking care of passengers on board to keep them safe – in some cases even saving lives – and looking after their needs, is very rewarding for me. It’s a job like no other and every day at work would feel unique and special.

Do you think the Cabin Crew Wings course made a difference to you landing the job with TUI?

I had lots of experience as a passenger within an aircraft before my interview but had no experience at all when it came to serving as Cabin Crew on board. I was completely new to the aviation world from a work-related point of view, which is why I wanted to go on my course. It was the best decision I could have made at the time. It made me realise I wanted to be Cabin Crew even more when I was there.

Without doubt I can say Cabin Crew Wings has helped me enormously in getting my job at TUI, I couldn’t have done it without CCW!!

On the course I learned so much content about Cabin Crew life, and the tips and advice I gained for my Assessment Day went a long way. It helped me be a lot more prepared, to know what to expect, what the recruiters are looking for and it gave me the much-needed boost to truly stand out to the recruiters on the day. I gained such valuable insight into Cabin Crew life and hearing it all from firsthand experience from BA Cabin Crew Michele made the day so much more special. It was like someone was passing down their wisdom and years of experience to us. It gave me the extra bit of confidence for my Assessment Day.

How did you stay focused on your Cabin Crew dream in between your interview with TUI and starting your training?

In between my interview with TUI and starting my training I stayed focused on remaining positive that one day I will get to live out my dream of flying. I kept telling myself throughout the pandemic that it won’t last forever, and kept my excitement up. It gave me more time to prepare, to envisage myself as Cabin Crew. When I finally got there, it made the wait feel so worth it.

I waited patiently for updates from TUI and made the necessary preparations such as getting my Cabin Crew medical check etc.

When I got my uniform it was unreal trying it on and finally looking the part, like I was so close to the start line.

How was your first day of training?

My first day of training was a long time coming but a privilege to be a part of. When I got to the airport and saw my new workplace and found myself in areas of the airport I never thought I’d be in –  such as the aviation house where crew and pilots have meetings and pre-flight briefings, it just felt unreal. I looked out onto the airport from a different viewpoint – this time as staff – and it felt amazing.

I was presented with a company iPad and had a short but sweet ‘Welcome to TUI’ talk, and met the crew I was training with. Everyone was friendly and the staff were so warm and it truly felt like they looked out for us new crew from the beginning. I learned so much, such as how I will be rostered, about reporting for pre-flight briefings before every flight, what my training will involve etc.

Meeting my training colleagues who were also in the same boat was great. It felt like there was already a sense of teamwork, it made the day feel more at ease when we got to know each other and realised we were all just as nervous and excited to start flying. From the get-go it feels like I now hold a big responsibility to represent TUI by being integral, committed and professional. It was a lovely welcome to the company, and it felt like it was the place I should be.

What would you say to anyone still waiting and hoping to become Cabin Crew?

My advice to anyone who would like to be Cabin Crew is to remember that the pandemic is not forever. Air travel will one day be somewhat close to normal – don’t give up hope. If you truly want to fly one day, I believe it’s possible to get there. It’s just important to stay positive and keep envisioning your dream.

Also I would say it’s good to gain work experience in customer service or hospitality roles as that prepares you for the role of Cabin Crew. It helps you think of examples for your Assessment Day of areas where you have gone above and beyond, shown that you respond well to having big responsibilities and that you enjoy teamwork. If you have a passion for travel, hold on to the dream and when an opportunity comes up, always have the confidence to go for it – because your dream job could be close in sight.

Do you want to get your Cabin Crew career off the ground? Keep your eyes peeled for new dates for our Cabin Crew 2 Day Course. Also available right NOW is our Online ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ Course which will equip you with great insider knowledge and tips to help you achieve your Cabin Crew goals.

It’s been a tough year, especially for Cabin Crew – we’re really keen to share more of your success stories to keep people motivated. If you’ve got an inspirational story, please drop us a line using our website contact form or via our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!


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