Our expert guidance digs deeper into the skills you need for your CV, Psychometric Testing, Assessment Day and Interview. These exceptional products, uniquely designed by our expert team of Selection Psychologists and Crew, offer thorough insider knowledge you simply won’t find covered anywhere else. Whatever stage you are at, however you like to learn, we have you covered, and you won’t need to look anywhere else

Our NEW ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ training course will make you stand out a mile from the competition!

Take ONE action this week to move you closer to a new lifestyle, a new career and new adventures- book on our exceptional Get a Cabin Crew Job training course.

It’s totally different from any other training (that’s what you get when you combine the super-powers of aviation experts and work psychologists!) – and it’s laser focused on getting the new chance you deserve.

With hands-on experience of emergency protocols, slide descents, passengers rescue and more, you’ll have a blast at our one day on-site training at our training academy. Then, you will join us for 3 on-line intensive workshops where we make sure you are cabin crew ready in your attitude, behaviours and appearance, before doubling down to ensure your application is top-notch, you sail through the assessment day and massively impress the selection panel at interview. Before you know it, you’ll have your wings and be ready to take to the skies (not to mention all those exotic locations!) Ready to take that first step? Choose us – we have a phenomenal track record of getting results in half the time and at a fraction of the costs you will pay elsewhere. (Check out our reviews!)

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NEW! This is an Exclusive one-day Masterclass – Advanced Training in passing the Selection Day

Advanced Cabin Crew Course

This one day follow-up course is the next step if you are existing crew looking for a new job (or returning to work after a break) OR if you have already attended our 2 day ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ course and would like some extra help.

Our exclusive masterclass is a chance to spend an informal, practical and inspirational day with our expert trainers, who will guide, support and gently nudge you to be the very best you can be! You will gain hands on experience of all the assessment exercises you will face to become Cabin Crew.

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Our *New & Improved* Online Course ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ - learn in your own time and wherever you like

Online Cabin Crew Course
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If you can’t make our 2 Day Course in person you can now gain all the skills, techniques and essential inside information from the comfort of your own computer or laptop.

Online learning offers the very latest in career development opportunity. It’s convenient, affordable and covers all the same know-how that you need to fly through the cabin crew selection process.

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Cabin Crew Selection Day eBook

If you plan to apply to become cabin crew or have already been invited to a selection day, this ebook is EXACTLY what you need.

It is packed full of inside help and expert guidance to make sure you fly through every stage of your assessment, without any worries.

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NEW! Cabin Crew CV eBook

Cabin Crew CV workbook

You need is a top-notch Cabin Crew CV- and our e-book will show you exactly what that looks like PLUS how you can write your own. These are valuable skills you can use again and again.

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Cabin Crew Ability Test eBook

One thing cabin crew candidates always dread…The maths and reasoning ability tests! These tests don’t have to be such a big deal if you are prepared, practised and know what to expect.

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Cabin Crew Interview eBook

Absolutely packed with all the inside info you need to delight your interviewers, this essential guide uses clever interactive exercises to make sure you give the best interview of your life.

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Gift Certificate

Cabin Crew gift certificate
Stuck for ideas for a special gift for someone who dreams of being Cabin Crew?

Our gift certificates can be used as payment towards any of our products including our workbooks and the 2 Day Cabin Crew Course.

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Cabin Crew CV Review

Find out where your last CV went wrong and how to make it better. We’ll help you to stop making the same mistakes over and over which are costing you your chance at a Cabin Crew career.

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Cabin Crew Job Alert

This pay monthly Cabin Crew recruitment alert service will send you a text message as soon any UK or Middle East Airline recruits. It is the perfect to solution so you never miss any Airline recruitment.

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