Cabin Crew Assessment Day ebook

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This eBook is packed full of all the inside help and expert guidance to make sure you fly through every stage of your airline assessment, from start to finish, without any worries.

Although we do suggest you attend our 2 day course to give yourself the very best chance of getting a cabin crew job, if you can’t make then this workbook will definitely help you.

The Cabin Crew Assessment Day eBook is an instant digital download which means you don’t have to wait- you can have this all important information TODAY (ideal for you if your assessment is approaching and you are running out of time!)

Great news, I went to the assessment day on Friday for Jet2 and received my email yesterday –
I’ve been accepted for the training course!! I am absolutely thrilled to say the least!

My dream job could be starting as soon as 8 weeks time !
Thank you for all your support


You will learn how to:

  • Submit a top quality application/ CV to the airlines
  • Prepare for the real-life scenario exercise or ‘role-play’ in your assessment day
  • Make a great impression in your interactive group exercise
  • Get ahead of the crowd with excellent online or psychometric test results
  • Apply clever strategies to make sure your assessment day performance is memorable enough to land you a job!


when you book a place on our 2 Day Cabin Crew Course


So what makes this workbook so important for your career?

  • The practical tips on CV and application forms- most applicants submit very poor CVs, but with our help you will never be turned down again!
  • All the inside information about assessment days- these can be very daunting unless you know what to expect and how to give an outstanding performance
  • The behind-the-scenes look at frequently made mistakes- if you know what these are and how to avoid them you will have a huge advantage over your competition
  • The way it makes learning easy and fun with short tasks and exercises you will enjoy having a go at (we don’t make learning hard work!)
  • The examples it provides, so you don’t have to feel in the dark about what they expect at your selection/assessment day.
  • Guidance which holds your hand through different steps until you are preparing top quality answers, the easy way!

Young woman on laptop
Young woman on laptop

Cabin Crew Wings has a fantastic reputation for delivering what we say we will. We get amazing feedback from our 2 day courses and all our eBooks. Even better our results speak for themselves with all the wonderful emails we get each week from people, like you, who have been offered a cabin crew job (often with more than one airline!!) We have helped people of all age groups, nationalities, backgrounds… and would love to help you too!

And if you aren’t sure the ebook was right for you, we will refund your money.

So you have nothing to lose, but a new career to gain!

This workbook is the ideal way to invest in your future as cabin crew without spending a fortune.


(plus as it is a PDF you get your copy instantly so even if your assessment is tomorrow you will be well prepared.


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10 reviews for Cabin Crew Assessment Day ebook

  1. Faith Silinda

    Thank you so much
    The information was very helpful

  2. Kuda modo


  3. natcha

    Thank you very much for the useful information regarding the cabin crew assessment process. Perhaps it’s a good idea to give an example of the group activities on the assessment day. Therefore, we can be prepared.

    • Donata – Cabin Crew Wings

      Thank you for your feedback – it’s really helpful to us as we want to make sure we’re offering you the best product possible. We do provide a section in the eBook on the group exercises with examples of different types of group tasks – discussions, role-plays and practical tasks, along with advice and guidance on how to complete the exercises, and workbook exercises. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in the eBook in addition to this? We’re always open to new suggestions and ideas!

  4. Anne

    This workbook helped me pass my cabin crew interview, and preparing my application. There is an excellent insight of the process from the application form until the final attitude assessment. I strongly recommend this work book to anyone who would like to become cabin crew. 🙂

  5. Lucy

    If you are serious about wanting a career in cabin crew then reading this ebook will get you into your dream job a lot sooner. It gave me confidence when submitting my application form and I walked into the assessment day having a good idea about what the whole day would be like.I printed some of the pages off so I could just skim over them before I went into my interview and group tasks so I would know exactly what I have to do. it gives you hints and tips that you may have not considered before. Thank you, I have my dream job!

  6. Gary

    This work book is without a doubt the most thorough information I have ever read to do with getting your dream job as Cabin Crew.

  7. Kiyomi

    This is the “must-have” ebook for cabin crew wannabes. It covers everything we need to know. Ever since I acquired all these knowledge/info, I was called for an assessment day of many airlines!! I wish I had known this workbook and cabin crew course much earlier. Strongly recommended!

  8. Angela

    This manual has assisted me greatly throughout my journey to successfully attaining a position as Cabin Crew. I have referred to it for research, CV applications and the ‘all important’ interview. A highly recommended read.

  9. Anna

    I really liked to work with this workbook, especially after the training. I loved the “STAR” method. It helped me a lot to get ready and discover my weak points. Many of the things covered in the workbook is totally transferable, so it will help you out in any interview situation.

  10. Sophie

    This is a must have guide if you are thinking of applying for a cabin crew role. The workbook helps you to put your skills to the test so that you are fully prepared for interview. It includes so many tips and valuable information that I hadn’t seen before including practice questions that made me feel confident on the day, resulting in my success at interview! Absolutely worth purchasing!

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