Cabin Crew CV eBook


This is the e-book you’ve been waiting for – Its FINALLY HERE!


The Essential Guide for a Perfect Cabin Crew CV


Large airlines receive on average 100-200 applications for each available Cabin Crew job


This is THE short-cut you need to kick-start your cabin crew career right now!

Search online for tips on crafting the perfect CV and you’ll find plenty of general and well-meaning advice. Most of it is out of date or simply inaccurate. It’s not written by selection experts, which means it won’t cover the inside story of what you need to know.

Our e-book is the ONLY guide which will propel you straight through the door and headfirst into a cabin crew career!!

How do we know this?

Our e-books are written by selection professionals, qualified in designing recruitment and selection tests, and even more importantly, marking them! So they know exactly what you need to do to impress a recruitment panel, and share all that expertise and know-how with you!

There’s a reason Cabin Crew Wings has been successfully winning people just like you your dream job for over 10 years. We’re the secret weapon in your quest to short-cut your way into an exciting new career.

What recruiters are looking for is very unique, and we have reviewed hundreds of CVs to know EXACTLY what works, what doesn’t, what mistakes you’re making and how to fix them!


This e-book is exactly what you need to take the next step towards an amazing new career and a complete change of lifestyle.

Guess what?

  • You don’t need to go on a college course
  • You don’t need to pay a fortune for someone to write you a bland and generic CV
  • You don’t need to pay thousands for an attestation certificate
(these are all claims made by other websites and colleges and they are simply not true!)

What you DO need is a top-notch CV- and our e-book will show you exactly what that looks like PLUS how you can write your own. These are valuable skills you can use again and again.


What makes our CV help different?

We do cover plenty of tips and techniques to do with formatting/ layout/ content/ headings/ tone/ experience and how to ‘beat the bots’ and get round the CV sifting software – which are all essential building blocks to a stand-out CV.

But our special feature, the main thing which makes our CV help stand head and shoulders above all the rest…is the practical examples!

In the e-book you will find 25 examples of real-life CVs and their critiques. You will see for yourself what feedback each CV example got, with detailed and easy to understand explanations of what the problems were and why.

Then, through straight-forward practical exercises, we will show you how to apply this to your own CV.

You will learn the skills to write an outstanding CV, which will be yours for the rest of your career (applicable to cabin crew and other roles).

With our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose- buy now to launch your new career today.

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