Cabin Crew Interview ebook

Includes fantastic extra bonus – a FREE GUIDE:
‘Behind-the-scenes on the Cabin Crew Video and Telephone Interview’


You’re one step away from the beginning of an excitement-filled chapter of your life.

Soon, you could be taking to the skies with your ‘crew family’ to travel, laugh and share unbeatable adventures.

I just wanted to message to tell you I’ve recently been successful in my application with British Airways!!!


Gain a fabulous advantage when preparing for your Cabin Crew Interview with this ground-breaking NEW eBook

Absolutely packed with all the inside info you need to delight your interviewers, this essential guide uses clever interactive exercises to make sure you give the best interview of your life.
Don’t be nervous, be smart and get focused!!
Why panic and stress? Our e-book will positively channel all your nervous energy by preparing you for your interview in a fun and stress-free way!


You’ve just got to get through the next thrilling, and daunting stage.

Our NEW eBook will get you through the interview with flying colours. It’s packed with fantastic tips and unique insider info to make sure you wow the interview panel from start to finish.

It’s the secret weapon that’s been missing from any other applications you have made. If this is your first time applying, the workbook will help make sure your next interview is the only one you need!


I got the job with BA!!! So happy !! Thank you for all your help, I couldn’t of got this far without youStephanie


Thanks to the amazing cabin crew wings team, I just wanted to let you know that I am over the moon to have been successful at assessment with easyJet!

Now the real hard work begins. Thank you so much for everything!

This practical help is the extra boost you’ve been waiting for, and a MUST for anyone keen to get cracking with their new life and career as cabin crew.
Here’s a snapshot of what you will find inside:

  • Guidance on the right way to answer questions like ‘why do you want to work for us’ and ‘what do you know about our airline’
  • An in-depth look at different interview styles so you can stay confident whatever questions you are faced with
  • The skills the airlines will be looking for and how to shout about how well you do them!
  • How to impress your interviewers in seconds by using real-life examples
  • How to do your homework to prove you take the role seriously
  • Checking out your appearance, the key do’s and don’ts of looking, as well as sounding, the part!

“After a successful Assessment day with EasyJet on the 5/12/18, I was offered a fixed term contract with them just before Christmas! Now my medical has been sent off I am just waiting for that important phone call to give a start date!!

Your guidance really helped as it gave me an idea of how best to prepare for my interview!

Thank you! You’ve been incredibly helpful! Will recommend to anyone who wants to be cabin crew!
Bekah Perkins

Cabin Crew Wings has a fantastic reputation for delivering what we say we will. We get amazing feedback from our 2 day courses and all our eBooks. Even better our results speak for themselves with all the wonderful emails we get each week from people, like you, who have been offered a cabin crew job (often with more than one airline!!) We have helped people of all age groups, nationalities, backgrounds… and would love to help you too!
And if you aren’t sure the ebook was right for you, we will refund your money.
So you have nothing to lose, but a new career to gain!


This fantastic ebook will change everything when it comes to your interview preparation. You can’t afford to miss out at this great price of only £15.99


(plus as it is a PDF you get your copy instantly so even if your interview is tomorrow you will be well prepared.


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