How Might Omicron Affect Cabin Crew?

What impact will Omicron have on Cabin Crew and the airline industry?

As if the airline industry hasn’t already been through enough over the past couple of years, Covid has reared its ugly head again in the form of new strain Omicron. Just as travel looked set to be returning to normality, the new coronavirus strain has resulted in restrictions being re-imposed.

So what does this mean for Cabin Crew? Cabin Crew have been on a rollercoaster journey since the beginning of the pandemic. With planes grounded and bans on international travel, the airline industry has taken a huge hit. Recently though, Cabin Crew recruitment drives have ramped up and things have been looking brighter. But with Omicron upon us, what might change?

New Rules

Testing will now be required for people coming into the UK, taken two days before departure. These can be lateral flow tests, but must be purchased privately rather than provided by the NHS. This is in addition to PCR testing after arrival in the country, which will still be compulsory. It’s currently necessary to self-isolate until a negative result is returned.

Previously scrapped in October, the ‘red list’ of countries is also back.

Obviously, for Cabin Crew, the rules regarding tests are different. But the restrictions are likely to impact on commercial airlines nonetheless, which will have a knock-on effect.

Reaction from Airline Industry

Travel businesses and aviation bosses have hit back at the new rules, saying that people will be discouraged from flying.

Christmas is a major travel season and traditionally a busy time of year for Cabin Crew. However, with the slew of new testing rules and border closings, passengers may be more unwilling to travel amongst the uncertainty and shifting rules.

They may also be unwilling to commit to booking future trips.

British Airways Chairman, Sean Doyle, declared that the news was a “devastating blow for everyone who works in the travel industry.”

Airlines UK has called for the government to “step up to save jobs and businesses”.

Impact on Cabin Crew

We know it’s been repeated over and over, but it’s worth bearing in mind previous advice for Cabin Crew:

  • Routinely wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Wear facemasks at all times and PPE when necessary
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Dispose of waste carefully and hygienically
  • Clean and disinfect contaminated areas thoroughly
  • Remind passengers of the importance of wearing masks on-board

Are Airlines Still Recruiting?


While the recent news might be unwelcome, it’s important to remember that things change all the time. The current situation will test your flexibility, adaptability and determination, all essential Cabin Crew personality traits.

You can browse all the latest opportunities on our Cabin Crew Wings Jobs Board.

Stay focused and positive, and it could be you earning your wings soon!

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