Looking for an advantage?

Dig deeper and uncover even more secrets of the airline assessment days, and unlock the next stage of your cabin crew career!

This is an exclusive one-day masterclass – advanced training in passing the Selection Day (for serious applicants only!)

Join us in January to make THIS the year your career takes off (literally!)

During this one-day very special event you will:

  • Practice airline roleplay scenarios, focusing on how to demonstrate your exceptional customer service and conflict resolution skills
  • Take part in a supervised group discussion to learn where you shine and where you might slip up on the day
  • Have a one-to-one mini mock interview; the chance to practice answering actual interview questions with our real airline interviewers
  • Receive in-depth, personalised feedback on your performance throughout the day
  • Work with our TWO expert trainers who specialise in recruitment, aviation and getting the very best from your performance!
  • Learn from each other in a collaborative, friendly and supportive group environment, building skills, confidence and friendships throughout the day.

Baljit, Georgina and Chris were excellent, interactive and made it easy. Their constructive criticism was something I feel will help me get a Cabin Crew role.
Katie, UK

This advanced class is suitable for:

  • Past attendees of our sell-out ‘Get a Cabin Crew Job’ 2-day course who would like more confidence-boosting practice before their next application
  • Existing Crew who want to get a new job with a different airline, or who are looking to re-enter the profession

You might be wondering why you would need this after doing…

And if that’s what you’re thinking, then this probably isn’t for you, you’re all set!

However everyone is different, and you may be like a lot of our students, who ask if there’s anything else to follow on from that first introductory event.

This might be because:

  • You want to put your learning into practise now it’s had time to settle
  • You want a bit more feedback
  • You need a confidence boost
  • Or now you’ve had a chance to think about it you have loads more questions!

Another great reason is that you had such an inspirational and fun day you’d love the chance to experience such a positive vibe again!

It makes sense that there is always going to be more to learn than we can cram into 2 days (and you know how full-on the first course is!)

We are delighted with what we have planned for you!

Here’s a sneak preview….

  • Essential skills quizzes for fun, interactive learning…and practice!
  • Multiple-mini interview practice (think speed-dating, without the awkwardness!)
  • Real-life scenario Q&A, to make sure no scenario leaves you out of your depth
  • Scoring a group exercise- learn how it feels to be on the other side of the clipboard and what the assessors will be looking for
  • Small group roleplay practice one-to-one with a trainer- give and get feedback in a safe and encouraging space

Send us your CV in advance so we can give you a Red, Amber or Green rating. The trainers can then tailor a quick-fire CV session to your group’s needs, teaching you where to find your mistakes and making sure you all know how to correct them before you leave!

Our trainers bring first-hand airline and recruitment experience and in-depth knowledge of all the latest selection methods.

The industry knowledge and talking to experienced cabin crew members has been really useful. It has helped me become more confident.
Bhavika, UK

By attending this one-off master-class you will gain knowledge on advanced techniques, personal insights and insider-tips to take your interview panel by storm!

This masterclass is perfect for you if:

  • you haven’t had an interview for YEARS, through long term employment in one place, or a recent return to work
  • you were disappointed at an assessment day and don’t understand why you weren’t selected
  • you’ve been made redundant and need a strong competitive edge to get your next job quickly
  • you’ve learnt a huge amount with us already but would benefit from more supervised practice to make sure you are applying it correctly.

Our courses, trainers and team are at the top of the industry – we create fantastic content to ensure you can achieve your best potential, and we create comfortable learning environments to allow you to relax, enjoy and ultimately learn to shine!

Join us for this day of exceptional training and see your career options take-flight in a way you won’t believe!

Birmingham, January 26th 2020


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Our unique training covers the skills and techniques relevant to a range of airlines including Virgin, BA, Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair etc and overseas airlines like Emirates, Eithad, Qatar Airways etc

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