Here is your detailed report:

1. Why must passengers unplug and stow away laptops and other electronic devices from the seat in front of them for taxi, take-off and landing?


a) So that passengers are not distracted when the safety video is playing/ announcements are made.
b) To ensure all exits and aisles are free in case of an in-flight emergency
c) All of the above


Debrief – The primary purpose of cabin crew is for the health, safety and security of passengers and crew. Bearing in mind that most airline accidents take place during the take off and landing phases of a flight it is imperative that the crew secure the cabin and ensure that there is nothing that will restrict or impede a passenger’s ability to exit the aircraft in a hurry, if the need should arise.

And whilst we no longer enforce our passengers to remove headsets and watch the emergency demonstration, it is good practise for crew to encourage our customers to pay attention and listen to the safety announcements being made.

2. It’s your sisters wedding. You have been looking forward to this event for ages, but sadly you’ve been rostered a Paris night stop on the big day and therefore you’re unable to go. Do you..


a) Report sick, there are plenty of crew on standby that will be pleased of the work
b) Ring in work and explain the situation and hope they will be compassionate, but understand if they are unable to help on this occasion
c) Turn up for work begrudgingly, ensuring that everyone knows what you are missing out on


Debrief – This is a tough one, but sadly all too much a part of the job, there will be plenty of social occasions you will be forced to miss out on due to your work pattern. It’s the nature of the job and if that’s something you don’t think you will be able to tolerate, then a cabin crew career is not for you.

Genuine sickness cannot be avoided and you can be sure that the airline you work for will be looking for patterns in your sickness! They will certainly be asking about your sickness levels when they approach past employers or educational establishments for references. And do be aware of the implications for both the airline and your fellow crewmembers when you call in sick, remember your work colleagues may have plans too!

3. How would you react if you witnessed a fellow crewmember being rude to a passenger?


a) I would ignore the situation and hope it blew over
b) I would encourage the passenger to make a formal complaint as well as reporting the crewmember to the senior on the day.
c) I would apologise to the passenger and try and resolve the situation myself


Debrief – You are the ‘face’ of the airline. You need to be professional at all times. Poor service does not bring you more customers, so always remain polite and apologise if necessary. Being professional is also about communicating well with team members. Reporting a colleague is generally the last situation you would resort to.

4. You turn up for work and find yourself working along side a crew member that is really miserable & looks terrible, they have clearly taken no pride in their appearance, their hair and makeup looks awful and their uniform is dirty. What do you do?


a) I would ignore the situation, they are obviously just having a bad day
b) I would report them to the senior crewmember as they are letting the whole team down. I follow the uniform regulations, why shouldn’t they?
c) I would have a quiet word with them, offer some support and perhaps my makeup bag and shoe polish! After all, we all have bad days


Debrief – We all have bad days but when you turn up for work as crew and report fit for duty you make a declaration that you are fit & able to perform your job. One of the reasons you will have been selected is for your ability to remain positive and enthusiastic at all times so it’s imperative you leave all personal baggage at home and not bring it to work.

Another reason you will have been selected is for your ability to feel compassion towards others and relate well to them. Cabin crew are a very supportive bunch of people who look out for one another, reporting a fellow crew member would be your absolute last resort.

5. How would you define good customer service?


a) Delivering something above and beyond what has been requested
b) Delivering what has been asked for, efficiently and with a smile
c) Delivering what has been asked for.


Debrief – Remember that part of the role of cabin crew is to provide a very high level of customer service. You will always be required to go that extra mile.

6. You have a recruitment and assessment day with your dream airline and you are running late for the interview


a) Ring them, apologise and tell them you will be there as soon as you can
b) Turn up late and hope nobody notices
c) This is just not me, I would never be late especially for my dream job interview


Debrief: The way to ensure you don’t get the job is to turn up late! All crew need to be excellent timekeepers it is absolutely essential to the role.

7. You are coming into land and have been instructed to secure the cabin for landing by the captain. One of your Muslim passengers is kneeling to pray. What would you do?


a) Make him stop immediately, escort him back to his seat and secure the cabin for landing.
b) Think well; that’s his religion, I need to show him respect so I’ll leave him to it and hope he is finished before we land!
c) Tell him politely but respectfully that he needs to finish now and return to his seat as we are coming into land


Debrief: This is quite a difficult question to answer as it’s a sensitive situation that requires you to show respect at the same time as not neglecting safety. All passengers MUST be secured in their seats for landing and take-off, it’s the law!

8. You have 10 children on your flight today but only 5 children’s game packs to give out. Do you..


a) Only give them to those families that ask for them and when they are gone, they are gone
b) Try and share them out amongst all the children. Encourage families to share and divide the items, so at least each child gets something
c) Not bother giving them out at all, after all the parents should have brought their own toys with them


Debrief: One of the most important elements of customer satisfaction is the level of service a passenger receives. If you can get this part of the job right, you will have a very happy flying career. Taking responsibility for, and problem solving situations like this will not only make your job on board so much easier it will make it so much more enjoyable. Remember it’s your job to deal with difficult and pressurised situations. Happy contented passengers = a good flight.

9. Do you think you will be able to adapt to the change of lifestyle if you become cabin crew?


a) Yes, it wont be difficult to adapt to the lifestyle at all
b) I am fully aware of the implications and I don’t think it will impact on my lifestyle at all.
c) I am aware of the implications, but I am prepared to adapt


Debrief: You may think that adapting to a cabin crew lifestyle is easy but things can change at a moments notice, you may have been rostered the weekend off but, all of a sudden, a flight has been cancelled and you are now working it! You may find yourself on the West coast of America at the start of the week and in the Far East at the end of the week, and be 16 hours adrift with the inability to sleep! You may find yourself serving a roast dinner to 300 passengers at 4am in the morning UK time or providing medical care for a very poorly passenger for the remaining 8 hours of your flight. The cabin crew lifestyle is one you need to be prepared for. Are your personal circumstances suited to the role?

10. What is the best way for crew to close a window blind on a day/morning flight when a passenger is asleep?


a) Politely wake them up and ask the passenger to close it
b) Lean across the passengers and close it yourself, inadvertently waking them up
c) Stand in the aisle and use a coat hanger from the crew cupboards to close them yourself


Debrief: Closing window blinds with the aid of a coat hanger is an old airline tradition! One thing you learn quite quickly as crew is how nice it is to enable your passengers to continue sleeping as you fly through the night and through the different time zones passing from dark to light in the blink of an eye. Although it is a safety legislation that all window blinds be open for both landing and take off, as this will enable you to see clearly outside for any potential hazards at your exits.

How did you score?

Mostly A’s

Your heart is in the right place, but your head is still in the clouds! Think outside the box and try again!

Mostly B’s

You are logical, and methodical, and like to uphold the rules. These are important factors in becoming crew, but not necessarily all there is to the job!

Mostly C’s

Crew, here you come! You have the knowledge, and aptitude for learning new skills and are intuitive and proactive! Good luck in the skies