How can parents help their adult children achieve a Cabin Crew career?

It is surprising you how frequently we get asked this. For many parents it is a top priority to help their child to be settled, happy and employed. Even when children are fully grown it doesn’t stop us wanting the very best for them. So, how can parents help? In addition to the essentials of encouragement and support, the main ways seems to be practical and financial. We get plenty of parents providing payment for their children to attend the 2 day training Course. And what additionally makes this support so wonderful, is the continued parental involvement, right through to the ‘thank you’ emails we love receiving from parents when they glow with pride as their son or daughter embark on an exciting new career.

“I have just heard that after 4 weeks at Heathrow Jody has passed her SEP training with not a single penalty point. She gets her pass and roster tomorrow then its 2 weeks Customer service training at Gatwick till she gets her wings!
We are very happy and proud parents indeed.
Thank you for always being available for help when I have got worried on her behalf. Here’s to an exciting life chapter for her.”

Patricia, Jody’s mum

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