Why don’t we re-write CVs in the CV review service?

This is always a surprising one but it is asked quite regularly! We find that asking us to re-write ’your’ C.V. for you, is like asking an academic tutors to take exams for their students! Offering useful, appropriate and required support and guidance to improve performance is a very helpful service which many people really appreciate. However, writing someone’s CV for them is cheating. We can help you to show yourself as the best you can be with your C.V. but you need to put in the work too. Then you will know that your C.V. will be a good representation of your skills and abilities and you will be comfortable and familiar with what you have written. Think of about, how would you feel explaining items in your C.V. that you were unfamiliar with because you hadn’t created it yourself? What do you imagine could happen on your very important assessment day?! We are here to support you to success!

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