Is having a mum who is Cabin Crew too hard on young kids?

Missing key milestones in your child’s life, e.g. first steps, school productions, birthdays etc. can be really hard for parents to deal with. But probably much less so for the child. Remember children are very resilient! Some very young children, can be a little distant towards a parent who has been away for a few days, but this can be true for any job that requires you to be away from your family. It’s harder for the parent because they may feel guilty for their absence from the child’s routine and daily life. It does not take long for a child to better understand the situation and then they are able to look forward to your return. Until your child is of the age where this is a case, you can be creative, e.g. pack them a suitcase full of novelty items, interesting photos from where you have been, stories about where you have been and chats about where your child would like to visit, you never know these chats may start a desire to be Cabin Crew when they are older! With technology; skype, facetime, messenger you can find lots of ways to stay connected with your child however great the distance between you. And of course gifts can work wonders!

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