Landing Complete: How to Get Around Dubai on Wheels

Many cabin crew members are living the dream life: traveling often, exploring destinations without having to pay much, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. From layovers to short breaks, cabin crew members can explore various places between their busy schedules. However, that is all dependent on how well they plan their movement.

Taking the short time between their work commitment to explore a place requires careful planning and intentionality. As such, we will discuss transportation as one major aspect of exploring places between layovers.

Essential Tips for Navigating Around Dubai in a Rented Vehicle

Dubai is a scenic and interesting destination that anyone would want to take their time to explore. However, a cabin crew member may not have the luxury of time to soak in the sights the city has to offer. Most of the time, all they have is as short as 48 hours to explore the city.

In this regard, it is essential to have your rental vehicle from waiting for you at the airport. It is even one of the most cost-effective ways of making the exploration easier and smoother. However, the sad part is that not everyone knows how to take advantage of these rental services, especially for a short visit.

You can harness the tips below to navigate the situation smoothly.

Rent a Vehicle You Can Afford

Dubai is one of the easiest cities to rent a car, irrespective of its brand or model. With a diverse car rental industry, many car rental services offer a broad catalog that caters to various needs and budgets.

So, a smart move is to opt for a practical, affordable, economy car instead of dipping too much into your finances. You can instead save the luxurious options for a longer holiday that is better planned.

Understand the Booking Options And Insurance

Check out rental agencies before you land and understand what it takes to rent from them. Choose a payment option that is convenient for you and consider having your car delivered to be waiting for you when you land.

Similarly, you can choose a dropoff option to take the car back to the airport when leaving and have the rental agency pick it up. All these will ease your journey and improve convenience. Furthermore, ensure you choose a comprehensive insurance that absorbs you of unplained financial strains.

Get the Necessary Documents and Permits

Check the necessary documents to rent a car in Dubai and explore the city. Consider getting a tourist visa if it is necessary. While your passport might be a part of the documents you never leave behind because of your job’s nature, take your driver’s license along, too. Also, check for other information and documents the rental company will need, including credit cards and permits.
Plan Your Rental Car with Your Flight Schedule

Whether renting the car for use during your layover or staying in the city for a mini-holiday, integrating the rental with your schedule is necessary. Factor in the rental pickup and dropoff times, ensuring it aligns with your flight schedule.

Choose a pickup time that is earlier than when you will be arriving to ensure the car is ready when you arrive. Similarly, schedule the dropoff after you leave to avoid paying extra fees for late returns.

Understand the Dubai Road System and Traffic Rules

Take some time to learn the Dubai road system and traffic rules. Learn about parking, tolling, and other rules that may differ from those you are used to. Respect the commuters and older people, and drive within the speed limit.


Layovers are great times for cabin crews to enjoy mini-holidays. Having a vehicle ready and available during this holiday can make all the difference. With a vehicle available right from the airport, your journey through the city of Dubai becomes easier and more enjoyable. You also get to explore easily and maximize the limited time you have.

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