How do Cabin Crew relax?

Crew share how they spend their downtime.

Not many people realise just how exhausting the Cabin Crew role can be.

Despite which type of flights you’re crewing on – short-haul where it’s a race against the clock to get the passengers comfortable and complete the inflight service (not to mention the lightning fast turnarounds!) or long haul where hours on your feet, limited rest and jet lag all take their toll, crew generally finish their trip feeling pretty exhausted!

Unsurprisingly, down time is crucially important to crew, as is how it’s spent! And how it’s spent varies wildly from person to person. We asked some crew members to share with us how they like to relax on their days off…

Binging on a boxset!!
I tend to do a lot of socialising on layovers as I like to make the most of my time abroad, so when I get leave to spend at home I just throw on my PJs and relax with Netflix to catch up on my favourite shows.
Louise, FlyBe Crew

I like to catch up with family when I can – as I’m based in Dubai it’s difficult though. When I get any extended time I try to travel back to England. For my downtime in Dubai I tend to hit the shops, or catch up with my flatmates and go out for food or to the beach.
Sophie, Emirates Crew

This might seem weird but I try to travel on my time off from working as crew – I’ve had the travel bug since I was young and find on layovers I’m too tired a lot of the time to go out and explore, so I take advantage of my staff discounts and standby flights as much as I can.
Rebecca, BA Crew

I spend time with my partner – he has a regular 9-5 job so any time we get to spend together is really important to us otherwise we’re rather like ships in the night…! Even if it’s just spent vegging out watching movies or walking our dog, it’s still the best way I could spend my time off!
Simon, Virgin Atlantic Crew

Catching up with friends, going out, shopping and doing lunch! That’s pretty much how my leave goes! It always seems to pass really quickly though. But you miss so many birthdays and celebrations when you’re crew, so I like to make the most of it when I’m at home.
Emma, BA Crew

I’m a complete gym bunny so I hit the gym whenever I get the chance, I also love horse riding and spending time at my local stables, it’s a great way to unwind and relax and exercising keeps my stamina up for working! Oh and shopping too!
Laura, Ryanair Crew

How do you spend your downtime?

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