What subjects should I study to be Cabin Crew?

We often receive emails from students asking what subjects they would be best off choosing for their GCSEs or A levels.

Its daunting having to make decisions which you feel could impact on the rest of your life, and stressful when it feels like you don’t have the right answers.

So if you think you might like a career as cabin crew, what is the right thing to do?

Here’s our perspective:

  • Studying can be hard so the most important thing is to choose subjects you like. The more interested you are, the easier it will be to commit to learning and the better your results will be.
  • It will be useful to get reasonable grades in the basics i.e. Maths and English. Many jobs ask for decent grades in these, so if you are likely to struggle then make sure to get some help.
  • Keep your options open by choosing as broad a range of subjects as you can. If all your choices are quite similar it may limit you more in the future.
  • Having some proficiency in languages is always going to be an advantage for a career in the travel industry. Choosing a qualification in one or more of these will give you a great grounding in using different languages in practical settings.
  • Qualification options vary depending on where you are studying, so you may have an option to choose a subject which covers the theoretical side of travel and tourism. Don’t worry too much though if you don’t have this option; real life experience is just as good if not more valuable.
  • Airlines are particularly interested in the customer service experience of their applicants. So whatever subject choices you make, it would probably also be worthwhile to find a part-time job where you get to build on your experience of dealing with customers in the real world.
  • Don’t worry about making the wrong decision. Nothing is irreversible. You may choose subjects now which you think will set you up for one sort career only to change your mind later. Most people have no clue what they might want to do when it’s time to choose their subject options and things tend to turn out ok!
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Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use.

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  1. hi, i am 17 years old, i live in bulgaria, but i am from uk, i want to go back to uk to study for a stewardess, but i dont know which school to look for, i need some help? thank you for your time

  2. Hey, in doing my GCSE in year 11, I was wondering what subject would good for the sixth form to choose to do cabin crew in the future?

    1. Hi there, as long as you have three subjects at GCSE level at C or above including Maths and English, you’ll meet the minimum qualification requirements. Another language is a good idea, as this is always desirable for cabin crew and could give you more options of which airline to apply to. You might find this article handy too.

  3. Hello, I’m looking for a career in cabin crew. And I was wondering do you need to have a collage course to have a career in cabin crew?

    1. Hi there, no absolutely not – you might find this article a useful read. Airlines take a lot more into consideration than qualifications – your personality, life and work experience and attitude for example. If there’s anything we can help you with or you’d like any more information on any of our courses or products then please do get in touch!

    1. There are no specific GCSE requirements subject wise although some airlines will require you to achieve a certain grade in Maths and English. Another language would be a bonus however I would always choose something you would enjoy as you are more likely to score better! Good luck.

  4. Hi I’m in 11th grade intermediate but I’ve done my olevels
    Will I be able to get a job in any international airlines after my 12th grade intermediate

    1. Different airlines have different requirements so it is best to check with the airline you want to work for first so that you know you can apply. Good luck!

    1. Hi Rute, yes that will certainly add value to your application for sure. Do you meet the other requirements set by the airline you want to work for?

    1. Each airline has their own specific requirements so it is always best to check the job listing. If you then meet the criteria then you just need to apply direct to your chosen airline. Good luck!

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