KLM Cabin Crew Recruitment Process 2023

Want to work for KLM but not sure how to?

Our simple guide will take you through the process.

Experience this boundlessness, too, by looking beyond what you already know, and by the endless possibilities KLM offers.

Flying to over 500 destinations worldwide including many routes out of New York, KLM could offer you the opportunity to work for a truly global airline.

Handwriting CV

Before you start

Make sure you have digital copies of your CV and diploma (you need minimum HAVO / MBO-4 level). Your CV should be tailored to reflect your suitability for a Cabin Crew role with KLM. If you want some reassurance that your CV is up to scratch you can upload it for review by our expert team.

KLM also requires you submit references at the beginning of their application process.

Step 1 –The Application Form

You’ll first be asked some basic screening questions. You will need to confirm that you speak English and Dutch, can commute to Schiphol airport within an hour and that you have a Dutch bank account.

There are also questions about your height, eyesight and whether you have visible tattoos or piercings.

It’s worth noting that you cannot apply to KLM if you have participated in any of their recruitment procedures in the past year.

The form also includes an extensive list of rules that you must agree to comply with in order to proceed with your application.

There are sections for you to fill in your personal details, education, qualifications and any past flying experience.

Lastly, you will be required to upload your CV, diploma and provide references.

You’ll receive an email confirmation upon submission.

Step 2 – The Initial Interview

Should your application form be approved, you will receive notification within two weeks of the application closing date. You will be invited to attend an initial interview, which will likely be at Schiphol airport. It’s worth remembering that KLM do not reimburse travel expenses.

Your interview may be conducted one-to-one or you may be part of a group. Expect to be asked about your skills and experience.

If you’re feeling anxious, remember that preparation is key. Make sure you look the part by dressing smartly and taking care with your appearance.

Step 3 – The Assessment Day

The KLM Assessment Day usually consists of group activities. You will be given various assignments designed to assess your ability to communicate well within a team, your aptitude for resolving difficult scenarios and your general demeanour.

The Assessment Day can be a nerve-wracking experience, but as always, preparing yourself will help you to keep those nerves at bay. Our eBook is packed full of helpful advice all about Assessment Days and will give you the best chance to pass this stage with flying colours!

Step 4 – Final Interview

During your interview, you will be asked questions about your previous customer service experience. This is your chance to shine and to demonstrate what you can bring to this role.

KLM pride themselves on offering excellent service to their passengers. Be prepared to give real-life examples of when you provided fantastic customer service.

You may also be asked questions about your approach to problem-solving, and how you reacted in the past when faced with challenging situations.

Professionalism and friendliness are essential qualities for Cabin Crew, so make sure you answer confidently and prove to the interviewer that YOU are a perfect fit for the role.

Final Checks

These are standard regulations for many airlines. You will be expected to undergo a criminal background check, as well as medical tests.

After successfully completing all stages of the application process, you will be invited to start a six-week training period.

Are you ready to earn your wings with KLM? Check for vacancies on our Cabin Crew Wings Jobs Board. Good luck!

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