What to expect at a Cabin Crew Recruitment Day

The recruitment open day event, or CV drop, seems to be gaining popularity again.

With applications for jobs at an all time high, the Cabin Crew Recruitment Day are a way for airlines to screen a large number of candidates at once. In a similar way to the assessment day.

For some candidates the open day can cause a few worries – if you haven’t attended an event like this before it’s normal to be anxious!

Bear in mind that these events do give you an advantage in that the recruitment team gets to meet you face to face right away – you’re not just another anonymous application form or CV.

So what does the open day typically consist of?

You can expect it to include the following:

Some open days won’t include interviews at all, but will invite promising candidates back for a more in-depth assessment day.

Your CV/ Resume will be checked over at the beginning of the event to make sure you meet the basic requirements for the job, so it’s important that it’s up to date – if you’re not sure what makes a good crew CV and would like a bit of advice we can help!

What should you take with you?

You’ll need to bring the appropriate documentation to prove your identity and that you meet the airlines requirements. You may also be asked to fill out a form with your personal details and a few simple questions to make sure you understand the basic requirements for the role.

You might also have to take a couple of photos along with you – a list of what the airline wants you to bring should be on the advertisement for the open day, or contact them if you’re unsure.

Making the Cut

There will be ‘cuts’ during the day with only the strongest candidates being asked to remain for a final interview. In some cases if there are a lot of candidates, you may be asked to return on another day for your interview.

It’s important that you’re punctual – first impressions are so important! And there will most likely be long queues for registration so best to get there early and be prepared to wait.

Plan how you’re going to travel to the event in advance, and allow extra time for any delays. If the event is being held quite far away from where you live it might be worth investing in a hotel room for the night prior to the event.

You may also have to do a lot of waiting during the day itself, and the event may go on for most of the day. Bring water and some healthy snacks to keep you going!

Dress smartly as you would for an important job interview, and do a little research on the airline and the role before you attend – it’ll stand you in good stead if you’ve done your homework.

Don’t be afraid to ask the recruitment team questions – this is your perfect opportunity. And showing an interest is never a bad thing.

Use the time at the open day wisely to interact and connect with your fellow candidates and the recruiters, and remember to be at your best throughout the day – you never know when a member of the recruitment team might be watching!

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Cabin Crew Wings Team

Our team of experts have the many years as Cabin Crew plus HR experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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