British Airways Interview Tips

British Airways interviews are mostly competency questions. That means, it’s not about how much you know about the company it’s more about the experience you have already in customer service. 99% of the questions are “tell me about a time when…” just have lots of your customer service stories ready to hand and learn them.

Some examples of what I was asked:

Why do you want to work for BA? (They ask this every time so have a good answer ready)
Tell me about a time when you delivered exceptional customer service?
Tell me about a time you dealt with an angry customer and how you approached it?

If you google “BA interview questions” there’s loads more that other people have been asked. This is what I did, write them all down and have a story for each one ready. Some of them are the same but worded differently.

After the interview you can say bye to whoever is left, and you can go straight home! I found out I was successful a few days later. But they even let you know the next day sometimes so keep checking your emails! When I got my email it was the best day of my life. I was at work and I just went to check my phone and when the email was there I just burst into tears!

So if you have an assessment day coming up I hope this has helped. I may make it sound daunting but it really isn’t, I’m just stressing that you have your customer service stories ready for your interview. Don’t slack on the interview revision because you don’t think you’ll make it that far anyway. You WILL.

Good Luck Everyone!

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My name is Georgia, it’s always been a dream of mine to become Cabin Crew, currently in the middle of my training at a big British Airline.

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