Preparing for an Emirates Walk-in Open Day: Your Ultimate Guide

Landing a job as a cabin crew member with Emirates is a dream for many. The airline is known for its excellent service and offers an exciting career path. Emirates often host drop-in open days across the UK and Ireland, providing a fantastic opportunity for aspiring cabin crew to showcase their talents. Here’s how to prepare for an emirates open day and what to expect to ensure you stand out.

What to Wear

First impressions matter, and dressing appropriately for your Emirates open day is crucial. The airline has high standards, and your attire should reflect their professionalism.

For Women:

  • Suit: A tailored business suit in black, navy, or gray. Skirts should not be too short.
  • Blouse: A white or light-coloured blouse.
  • Shoes: Closed-toe, low-heeled shoes in a matching colour.
  • Accessories: Minimal jewellery – a watch and simple stud earrings are ideal.

For Men:

  • Suit: A tailored business suit in black, navy, or gray.
  • Shirt and Tie: A white or light-coloured shirt with a coordinating tie.
  • Shoes: Polished, formal shoes in black or brown.
  • Accessories: A simple watch and minimal jewellery.
  • Grooming: Hair should be neatly cut, and facial hair should be well-groomed or clean-shaven.

What to Bring to an Emirates Open Day

Being prepared is key to making a good impression at an Emirates open day. Make sure you have the following items with you:

  • Updated CV: Bring several copies of your CV, ensuring it is up-to-date and professionally formatted.
  • Photographs: Emirates often requests a passport-sized photograph and a full-length photograph, so have these ready.
  • Identification: A valid passport and any other identification documents specified by Emirates.
  • Pen and Notebook: To take notes during the session.
  • Water and Snacks: It might be a long day, so stay hydrated and have a light snack on hand.

What to Practice

Preparation extends beyond your appearance and documents. Here’s what you should practise to shine during the entire open day:

Research the Airline:

  • Company Values and History: Understand Emirates’ mission, values, and history. This knowledge demonstrates your genuine interest in the company.
  • Role Requirements: Familiarise yourself with the cabin crew role, responsibilities, and what Emirates specifically looks for in candidates.

Customer Service Skills:

  • Scenarios: Be prepared to discuss past experiences where you provided excellent customer service. Emirates values crew members who can handle challenging situations gracefully.
  • Role Play: Practise role-playing common scenarios you might face as a cabin crew member, such as dealing with difficult passengers or emergency situations.

Communication Skills:

  • Clear and Confident Speech: Practise speaking clearly and confidently. Good communication skills are essential for cabin crew.
  • Body Language: Be aware of your body language; maintain good posture, eye contact, and a friendly demeanour.

Group Activities:

  • Teamwork: Many interview days include group activities to assess your teamwork skills. These may include ability and aptitude tests. It is always wise to look at examples of these and consider your responses. Practise working collaboratively with others and contributing positively to group discussions.

What to Expect at an Emirates Open Day

Arrive early to ensure you have time to settle in and relax before the interview begins. The day typically includes several stages:

  1. Registration: Submit your documents and photographs.
  2. Introduction: A presentation about Emirates and the cabin crew role.
  3. English Test: You may be given an online English Test. It often comes with multiple choice questions. Do ensure you have a fully charged iPhone or mobile or you may find yourself having to borrow someone else’s iPhone.
  4. Reach test: You will be asked to remove your shoes, raise your arm to reach 212cm. You can take off your jacket if you need more room to stretch.
  5. Group Activities: Participate in teamwork exercises, perhaps including role plays or group problem solving exercises. 
  6. Interviews: A one-on-one or panel interview where you’ll be asked about your experiences and motivations.

Throughout the day, stay positive and engaged. Remember, the recruiters are not just assessing your qualifications but also your enthusiasm and fit for the Emirates brand.


Attending an Emirates drop-in interview day is a significant step towards your dream job as a cabin crew member. By dressing appropriately, bringing the right materials, and practising your skills, you can make a strong impression. Our assessment day eBook has everything you need to understand and practise the types of questions and activities that may be included in the day, so that you can stand out from the other candidates and secure your dream job with one of the most sought after airlines in the World. 

Good luck, PREPARE WELL, stay confident and be yourself!

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