4 Ways to Make the Most of the New Year and prepare yourself for a more “crew” You

One year coming to a close and another one beginning is the perfect time to throw away bad habits and start over. A New Year means time for a New “Crew” You! After the merriment and joyful indulging in treats and sweets, now is the perfect time to start afresh.

  • Cleanse Your Cupboards

    Dispose of any unhealthy gifts, treats, snacks and leftovers. I always try not to waste them. Donate them to an organisation that gives to those less fortunate, or give them away to family and friends with kids! Just make sure they are out of your cupboard and out of temptation’s way. The best way to stay fit and healthy is by being consistent and not eating unnecessary junk. Planned exceptions are ok! Crew especially should be mindful of their diet. You will be eating, drinking and working at all hours of the day and night. It is important to listen to your body and nourish yourself in moderation. Different foods from different countries, lack of sleep and the recycled air from the aircraft is a recipe for immune system failure. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and limiting processed food will ensure you are fighting fit for many rosters to come!


  • Be Accountable for You

    If you have gone to all the effort of cleansing your cupboards, what is the point of restocking it with naughty treats or gorging on treats on-board? Hold yourself accountable and keep your promises to you. You don’t need to miss out on fun meals on layovers or stay in your hotel room- you just need to stick to your goals. Being crew is tiring work, so you don’t need to go overboard on the workouts whilst rostered on flights- running up and down the cabin is sufficient! Even just sightseeing and walking/riding/ cycling around on layovers is enough cardio to keep you active. On your days off, try to sign up to free fitness classes, Pilates or even yoga trials in your area to ensure you get the best value for money and try what works best for you and your crew lifestyle!


  • Don’t Leave Things to Chance

    Possibly the best thing you can do as Cabin Crew or whilst working in Aviation is to be prepared! Always pack your meals and snacks for in between. Many outstations have great, healthy food options for crew which are a lovely surprise. Many do not! It is best to not leave things to chance and give yourself choices! It’s better to choose between two healthy meals than be forced to eat something naughty because you were too unprepared to pack your food.


  • Self-Care is Paramount

    Whether it is spending a whole layover in bed, or using your down time to go for a walk or tidy your home, do what feels best and most natural for you. You will be a very unhappy person and team member if you don’t please yourself first. How can you be expected to provide service excellence when you aren’t happy in your own skin! Don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember, balance is the key!

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Taylor has been loving and living the Aviation dream for 5 years. She has flown as Cabin Crew for an International Airline based in Dubai, where she lived and worked. Taylor is now based in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia, as a Lounge Agent for the national carrier.

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