Top Problems New Cabin Crew Face

Part Two

In part two of our series we look at some more of the top problems new Cabin Crew face.

Getting your wings is just the start – there are many more challenges ahead of you in your new career, and things you will have to learn to adapt to!


Struggling with changed sleeping patterns

This can be one of the most challenging elements of starting a new career as Cabin Crew.

Depending on your roster/schedule, you could be required to report for duty at 0430 local time ready for an 0600 departure to Tenerife. As such, you will need to ensure you get sufficient rest  – but heading to bed at possibly 6 or 7pm can be difficult, especially if it is sunny and warm outside!

New crew do find the first months tiring and hard work, but you do soon become used to the constant change in your patterns.

It might not feel like it for a while but your body will soon adjust to your needs, even if you do need to wear a sleeping mask and ear plugs to drown out next door’s BBQ party!

Managing jet lag

Everyone deals with jet lag differently! Some people do not suffer at all, where as others can become tired quickly and need more sleep to recover.

As crew (depending on where you travel to) jet lag may be something you regularly encounter. Knowing the signs and how to manage it for you personally is something that does take time!

You will experience the lows, the sleepless nights and even headaches!

However, don’t fear, the body is a marvellous thing, and you will learn how to best manage it, and soon understand to listen to your body and what it is telling you.

Managing your social life commitments

New cabin crew are keen to do well and want to be able to pass all their exams and get their wings!

During the training and your initial flying career, social commitments will most likely need to be put on hold.

This can be hard; saying no to your best friend’s party, or even a birthday celebration. It is important to remember that this won’t be forever, and you will be able to have future celebration.

As cabin crew you must quickly learn that your schedule is likely to change and does require you to be completely flexible and reliable. It’s normal to be disappointed at missing out initially, but your friends and family will soon realise that it is nothing personal, and you will see them again very soon!

Being away from home/friends/partners

Being away from loved ones and your home comforts can be challenging at times.

You may be flying Christmas day and need to spend it in New Delhi with a crew you have never flown with before, knowing your family are having Christmas dinner together.

Naturally, this is disappointing for anyone and it is important to remember you are not on your own; you have a whole crew there with you, sharing the experience overseas, and they will be keen to celebrate Christmas with you!

Don’t forget, technology is also an amazing thing, so you can Skype and Facetime with loved ones, so you feel much closer and can share special memories even when you are thousands of miles away!

If you missed our advice on your initial salary during training and dealing with the constant change in schedule, read part one of our series on the top problems new Cabin Crew face here.

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