Sustainability and your Cabin Crew Interview

How knowing about sustainability could give you the edge in your Cabin Crew Inverview!

Sustainability and a commitment to the environment is becoming an increasingly important factor for airlines when considering their fleet and operations – and it will only continue to become more of a prominent issue over the next few years.

As with any important issues facing airlines, you knowing about sustainability could help give you an edge in your Cabin Crew Interview!

In January of this year the renowned Etihad Airways became the first airline to fly a completely bio-fueled commuter plane on a fully operational commercial flight from their base in Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam Schipol.

Locally produced jet fuel powered the Boeing 787, derived from oil in the plants grown in the Seawater Energy and Agriculture System (SEAS) in Madsar City.

Airlines such as Emirates, JetBlue and Cathay Pacific are following suit with plans to put major investment into bio-fuel research and aircraft in 2019/2020 – the IATA have stated their aim to reduce emissions, with the target of halving the current figures by 2050.

So why do you need to know about Sustainablity in your Cabin Crew Interview?

The pressure on airlines to reduce their carbon footprint is huge at the moment, and they’ll simply be expecting crew who aspire to work with them to know this and understand the importance of ‘going green’ to them.

Increasingly, a commitment to sustainability is being added to and highlighted in airlines’ mission statements and core values.

Therefore when doing your all-important research on the airline you’re applying to, you’ll need to be aware of this issue, and how the airline are addressing it.

You could be asked about your chosen airline’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, and the most recent steps they’ve taken in relation to this.  This could be brought up during the assessment process or Cabin Crew interview.

So it’s worth doing your homework!

On the bright side this is a very exciting time to be crew – with the planned introduction of more and more bio-fuel aircraft over the next few years you’re getting the opportunity to witness a new and innovative movement in aviation first-hand!

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