Can I Be Cabin Crew?

We answer your Cabin Crew queries and concerns!

Have you got something that’s putting you off applying to be Cabin Crew? Do you have a learning difficulty? Vision that isn’t 20/20? Unsure about your weight? Want the lowdown on hairstyles?

Are you worried that something might be stopping you getting that dream Cabin Crew job? We ease top Cabin Crew fears when it comes to airline requirements and the recruitment process.

Can I Be Cabin Crew If…?

I’m female and have short hair?

Yes! As long as your hair is smart and presentable, the length won’t be an issue. If your hair is cropped short, you can definitely be Cabin Crew! Make sure your haircut is tidy and your overall appearance is well-groomed and you’re good to go. A sleek bob is also acceptable. Once your hair is beyond shoulder-length, it might be time to perfect those hairdressing skills! You’ll need to wear your hair in a neat bun or other regulation style.

My vision isn’t perfect?

Eyesight restrictions are determined by aviation authorities in the airline’s country of origin, so it varies. Usually, airlines don’t mind if your vision isn’t naturally perfect. As long as you’re able to use glasses or contact lenses to enhance or correct your sight, this won’t be a barrier to finding a Cabin Crew job. Remember, vision tests will form part of your medical screening so it might be worth visiting an optician in the meantime if you have any concerns.

I’m overweight?

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to hiring Cabin Crew – thankfully! In the past, it’s true that certain airlines demanded that all Cabin Crew subscribe to a certain body type, but that’s not the case nowadays.

As long as your weight doesn’t affect crew or passenger safety and you are able to carry out your duties, you shouldn’t face any issues. Ideally, most airlines simply want to ensure that your weight is proportional to your height. If you’re unsure, check out this BMI calculator which can help you determine what a healthy weight is for your height.

I’m dyslexic?

There are lots of neuro-diverse Cabin Crew out there, so don’t let dyslexia or other learning difficulties get in the way of landing your dream job. If you’re dyslexic and worried how this may affect your Cabin Crew application process, you can reach out to our expert CV review team. They can help polish your CV and maximise your potential.

Remember – Richard Branson himself is a shining example of a dyslexic person making a huge success of themselves. He prizes the problem-solving, creativity and imagination that can be personality traits of those with dyslexia. These are also great qualities for Cabin Crew to have!

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