8 Apps All Cabin Crew Should Be Using

Which Essential Apps should Cabin Crew Download Right Now?

The airline industry is fast-paced and exciting – and we’ve got insight on the top apps all Cabin Crew should be using to keep ahead of the game!

FlightLife Crew Organizer

This is a lifesaver when trying to make sense of your hectic Cabin Crew schedule. FlightLife Crew Organizer allows you to record all your upcoming flights, rotations, annual leave, and standby blocks. You can also input any training days or personal appointments if you want to.

It’s also possible to maintain a log of everything Cabin Crew, from flights you’ve worked and duty hours to accommodation options and sick days.


Similar to FlightLife Crew Organizer, Rosterbuster is an easy way of reviewing your Cabin Crew career. Track your flight statistics, gain access to your airline’s roster and export important info to your calendar and other planning apps.

You can also keep in touch with colleagues and loved ones and suggest social events. You can search for and chat with crew at your destination, streamlining your work life with your social life in one easy app!


This app is the Cabin Crew stuff of dreams. It’s packed full of information about airport amenities, including food outlets, shops and other facilities. This streamlines your planning process.

You can also input your flight number to stay up-to-date with delays, adverse weather and flight status.

Aircrewlink Economy

Social app Aircrewlink Economy allows you to organise meetups abroad.

Once your profile is set up you can see who is local at your destination and plan your social life! It’s focused on the airline industry so everyone is in the same boat (or should we say plane?!)


The Tinder of the aviation world! CrewMe was developed by a BA pilot who noticed a gap in the market. This dating app allows Cabin Crew working for different airlines to be able to meet each other.

It connects you with others on layovers and because it’s aimed at people within the same industry, there’s no need to explain the fast-paced Cabin Crew lifestyle – they’re already living it too!

Cabin Crew Ready Lite

If you want to brush up your knowledge of the aviation industry, this is the app for you.

It features fun, quick quizzes on topics such as airport codes and industry terms. Its database includes over 1,000 airports, IATA and ICAO codes.

You can even share and compare your scores with fellow Cabin Crew!

XE Currency

The XE Currency app allows you to convert any global currency immediately. It can be confusing figuring out how much things cost when you’re purchasing in foreign currencies. This app is the perfect money management tool for when you’re abroad.

It’s regularly updated to keep you on top of things and can also function offline based on last saved data. This means you can avoid the headache of roaming charges or dodgy reception.


We know lots of Cabin Crew can already speak two (or more!) languages. But it’s always useful to brush up on your language skills.

You can get to grips with a wide variety of languages with the Duolingo app. It uses a fun format of simple games to intuitively get you learning.

Whether you want to speak to locals on layovers or communicate more effectively with passengers, foreign language apps are a great Cabin Crew companion.


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