The secret language of Cabin Crew

Want some insight into the secret world of Cabin Crew and their own private language?

Ever been flying and wondered what Cabin Crew are talking about? Maybe you’re already Cabin Crew and you want to check you’re up to speed with all the lingo?

We’ve got the lowdown on some of the words and phrases Cabin Crew use around the globe – and some of them give a sneak peek into the not-so-glamorous parts of being Cabin Crew!

Cabin Crew glossary

Slam-clicker – Cabin Crew who prefer to stay in their hotel rooms during layovers rather than socialise! Slam the door until it clicks shut, get it? In the era of the pandemic, it’s a term we could use for a lot of people who’ve developed FOGO (Fear of Going Out!)

Crotch watch – Seatbelt check! Passengers just love being woken up to have their laps peered at…

Landing lips – When you apply a fresh layer of make-up just before landing. Got to look fresh to bid everyone a safe onward journey!

Pax – The aviation term for passengers – plus easier to spell!

Galley queen – Cabin Crew who like their own territory – no unwanted guests in the ‘office’, please!

Crop-dusting – Sensitive souls should skip this one – it refers to Cabin Crew farting as they walk down the aisle. Come on… We’ve all been there!

Concourse shoes – Some Cabin Crew like to wear high heels for their walk through the airport before changing into a comfier pair in-flight. Do you change your shoes or are you fully committed to the heels throughout?

Deadhead – Cabin Crew who are flying as passengers rather than working, maybe because the airline needs to transport them from one destination to another.

Coach roach – used mainly amongst American flight attendants, this refers to Cabin Crew who prefer working in economy.

Crew juice – Cabin Crew beverages, sometimes concocted from what’s left over on-board after a flight. Whatever gets you through the day/night – once you’re safely off duty, of course!

Miracle flight – Can be used as code to describe when an elderly passenger requires assistance to board a plane, but then ‘miraculously’ can exit independently on landing. Suspicious!

And finally…

Sharon Stone jumpseat – That jumpseat that faces the passengers. Ever seen Basic Instinct? The part where Sharon Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs? Beware facing the passengers if wearing a skirt as part of your Cabin Crew uniform!

Do you know any other Cabin Crew slang we’ve missed? What funny phrases have you heard while flying? During these uncertain times, it’s important to keep a sense of humour and remember that working as Cabin Crew can be a lot of fun!
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