Cabin Crew strikes ahead

It's set to be a summer of strikes for Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew are going on strike across Europe. Do you think it’s the right thing to do?

British Airways

British Airways staff voted in favour of summer holiday strike action in a poll this week. An overwhelming 97% of the airline’s Cabin Crew and ground staff supported potential industrial action.

Unite is the union which represents 16,000 BA staff, and a spokesperson commented:

British Airways’ management now can no longer ignore the universal discontent across their own workforce, in the way they have ignored the needs of their own customers.”

The carrier has already reduced its schedule for March to October by 10%, equal to around 8,000 flights. Summer strike action by Cabin Crew would wreak havoc on operations and will be of major concern to airline management.

BA staff are unhappy with the company’s ‘fire and rehire’ strategy implemented during the pandemic.


Two thousand Ryanair Cabin Crew will allegedly strike throughout Europe this summer.

It comes amid news of strikes across the travel industry in the UK. Next week will be chaos for commuters as railway and Tube workers go on strike. They’ll be joined by Cabin Crew in Spain and Portugal, while Cabin Crew in other parts of Europe have already begun strike action.


Aviation industry unions work differently in southern Europe. Whereas in the UK where one union communicates with the airline, there are multiple unions in countries such as Italy.

Reasons behind the strike may vary, but the majority are underpinned by demands for better pay and working conditions.

Ryanair has faced Cabin Crew strikes in retaliation for breaching contract terms around conditions and wages.

In response, a spokesperson said:

Ryanair has negotiated collective agreements covering 90% of our people across Europe. In recent months we have been negotiating improvements to those agreements as we work through the Covid recovery phase. Those negotiations are going well and we do not expect widespread disruption this summer.”

The travel sector has faced mass disruption over the past few weeks. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed due to staff shortages in the wake of the pandemic.

In particular, the airline industry has been unable to scale back up to reach consumer demand. Airports have also been struggling to cope with the sheer numbers passing through, or clogging terminals due to unexpected cancellations or delays.

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What do you think?

Would you go on strike as Cabin Crew? Or are you simply fed up of travel woes and want life to go back to normal? Let us know by contacting us here!

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